Brands Taste Success From The London Spirits Competition Medals

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23/11/2023 Study these top brands' success stories with LSC. Learn from North Uist Distillery, MAMM Distillery, Tamborine Mountain Distillery, and Headlands Distilling Co. on how LSC facilitated their global recognition journey.

The London Spirits Competition is now considered one of the most important spirits competitions in the world and is positioned to call itself the world’s most relevant spirits competition as it rewards products how consumers and trade buy today.

The competition is known to attract the best spirits judges in the world and reviews products by Quality, Value, and Package. Winning at the London Spirits Competition holds substantial significance for a spirit brand due to several pivotal reasons. Here are some testimonials and Case studies from brands on how the London Spirits Competition helped them grow.

Downpour Gin: Case Study On Winning Medal At London Spirits Competition

Downpour Gin enjoyed medal success at the 2023 London Spirits Competition judging. When asked them how an event like the London Spirits Competition has helped them, here is what they had to say.

“Being a medal winner at the LSC has had a significant impact on our sales. One of our business goals for the year was to gain more traction in the on-trade. Recognition from LSC has acted as a seal of approval in this respect as the competition is judged by some of the world's leading figures from the hospitality sector. Not only this, judging is undertaken with the end consumer in mind, so you know the judges can genuinely see a space for your products."

Image Source: North Uist Distillery Founders aka Kate and Jonny

Pouring Success: How Downpour Gin's London Spirits Competition Medal Transformed Their Business

Often it is difficult to identify a tangible link between awards success and specific listings, however, I can point to several new partnerships as a direct result of our LSC medals. This includes a listing with a high-end UK-wide department store whose buyer was on the judging panel. This also includes the opening up of a new export market after we were approached by an importer who had seen coverage of our success.


This is no coincidence. The LSC team did a superb job of promoting the competition and providing a platform for the medal winners. We have won top medals in other competitions and it was a flash in the pan, whereas LSC has sustained the coverage throughout the year. We really appreciate it - thank you!

MAMM Distillery’s:  Case Study On Winning Medal At London Spirits Competition

Image Source: MAMM Distillery’s

Located between the Drava River and the slopes of the Bilogora mountains of Croatia is the small town of Pitomača, where MAMM Distillery produces award-winning brandy.

Image Features: Co-owner Peter with his middle son, Milan

When asked about how did the award for the London Spirits Competition for its Eudoxia quince brandy helped, here is what they had to say:

Co-owner Martina, who runs the business with her husband, Peter, was aware of the London Spirits Competition prior to entering, which since winning gold has: “put the wind in our sails so we can progress and grow” and it has also had a “positive impact on our marketing.”

Martina and Peter were delighted with the judges’ comments and the positive feedback, which recognized their hard work and dedication.

Commenting on next year’s competition, Martina said: “We are interested in participating again because we have progressed and have seen how we can present our distillery [to the world] for a second time.”

Tamborine Mountain Distillery:  Case Study On Winning Medal At London Spirits Competition

Image Source: Tamborine Mountain Distillery

This is an interview with Gordon Chalmers, head distiller and co-owner of Tamborine Mountain Distillery, Queensland, Australia. When asked for his opinion of the London Spirits Competition, co-owner and head distiller at Tamborine Mountain Distillery, Gordon Chalmers, said: “Only one word needed: fantastic!”

Founded in Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia, in 1993, the company is now the third oldest distillery in the state.

The expansion into overseas markets has been supported by entering international drinks competitions, including the London Spirits Competition, which the company has previously entered, as Gordon explains: 

“I was well aware of the London Spirits Competition, having entered the competition a number of times in previous years."

Image Features: Apricot Brandy by Tamborine Mountain Distillery and London Spirits Competitions 2023 'Brandy of The Year'.

“As Australia’s most internationally awarded distillery this century, with nearly 400 awards, we enter quite a few competitions each year as we develop new drinks.”

Commenting on the success that the company achieved this year at the London Spirits Competition, Gordon said: “It is always rewarding to win any medal when competing against so many great and much bigger brands, but to win the Best Brandy at this year’s LSC event was absolutely brilliant.”

Having won at the 2023 awards Gordon has been keen to share news of the company’s latest award: “We have very strong social media following and use multiple platforms to announce all our big events and news. 

“This year’s event was a big news event both for our loyal customers but also for our local community.” Given the success and satisfaction with the LSC, Tamborine Mountain Distillery has already entered eight products for the 2024 competition.

Headlands Distilling Co:  Case Study On Winning Medal At London Spirits Competition

Image Source: Headlands Distilling Co.

When asked the below questions to Thomas Simnadis from Headlands Distilling Co, here is what he has to say:

How satisfied are you with the 2023 London Spirits Competition?

The London Spirits Competition provided us with an independent evaluation of our products and invaluable feedback about tasting notes. We were happy with the individualized feedback and care taken by organizers to ensure products arrived on time and were given the attention they deserved. We will definitely enter again in 2024. 

What impact has the 2023 competition had on your business?

Winning Gold medals at the London Spirits Competition has proven to be a powerful mechanism to attract international buyers to Headlands’ products. Winning such awards demonstrates that objective evaluators rank our products in the highest category of quality. This triggered us to advertise medals through online and print media to promote the Headlands’ portfolio and further illustrate the unique selling points of our products.

Overall value for money of the 2023 competition?

With international food and spirits awards proliferating, it can become unclear what the worth of a gold medal is. The London Spirits Competition is an exception, with buyers holding such an award in the highest esteem. This reflects the inherent value of winning gold medals at the London Spirits Competition, which has helped propel us forward as we grow Headlands both locally in Australia and further afield in overseas markets. 

In essence, winning at the London Spirits Competition serves as a validation of quality enhances marketability, and contributes significantly to a brand's credibility, visibility, and potential for commercial success in the competitive spirits industry.

Brands are encouraged to enter into the 2024 London Spirits Competition before the early bird deadline of December 20, 2023, and get savings. Don't miss your chance to participate in the London Spirits Competition 2024 and elevate your brand's standing in the global market!



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