Success For Hinton’s of Bewdley at the London Spirits Competition

Photo for: Success For Hinton’s of Bewdley at the London Spirits Competition

04/12/2023 Hinton\'s of Bewdley achieved remarkable success at the 2023 London Spirits Competition. Owner Nick Hinton credits LSC\'s positive impact on marketing and anticipates continued recognition in the upcoming 2024 London Spirits Competition.

Based in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside, Hinton's of Bewdley, a distinguished craft distillery, achieved remarkable success at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, securing three prestigious awards in the competitive gin category.

The Gold medal was claimed by their Worcestershire Pear Gin, while both their Regatta Gin and 5evern Gin were honored with Silver medals.

Image Features: Worcestershire Pear Gin by Hinton's of Bewdley

Image Features: 5evern Gin by Hinton's of Bewdley

Image Features: Regatta Gin by Hinton's of Bewdley

Nicholas Hinton, Owner, and Managing Director at the Hinton's of Bewdley, shared insights on their participation in the renowned competition: “We were already aware of the LSC before and had seen it on various products. We have entered several different competitions over the years, but this was the first time we have entered this one. It is very difficult to know which ones to enter as there are so many now.”

Although it was their inaugural entry into the London Spirits Competition, the distillery's decision was influenced by a recommendation from another esteemed distiller. Reflecting on the impact of the three awards, Nicholas acknowledged the positive influence: “It's not always easy to measure the impact, but much of it is positive. We have labeled all bottles and added them to our marketing and point-of-sale materials.”

The distillery seized the opportunity to leverage its success, issuing press releases, engaging in social media promotion, and running various advertisements to announce its triumph. Nicholas commended the competition, noting, “The winners' promotional material is good with better advertising, and prices are comparable to other competitions.”

To get an insight into their winners’ product check out this insightful conversation between Nick Hinton, Managing Director and Owner of Hinton's of Bewdley, and Sid Patel, CEO of the London Spirits Competition. They delve into the success story of Hinton's Worcestershire Pear Gin, which clinched the prestigious Gold award at the 2023 London Spirits Awards. Gain valuable business insights into the meticulous creation of this exceptional gin, boasting 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients from the Worcestershire countryside.

Looking ahead to the 2024 7th Edition of LSC, Hinton's of Bewdley has already entered their exceptional products, showcasing their commitment to excellence and their anticipation for continued recognition. The accolades at the London Spirits Competition serve as a testament to the distillery's dedication to crafting exceptional gins, further establishing its reputation in the competitive spirits industry.




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