London’s bartenders and their favourite bars

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14/11/2022 Whether you’re a fan of cocktails or its history, here are some amazing bars to visit in London.

Cocktails and bartenders - a love affair that’s popular all over the world. Surely, these bartenders who serve their guests the most unique cocktails have their favourite venues to chill to. These bars are some of the finest places to have a transcendent experience.

Antonio Papariello

Antonio Papariello

Image: Antonio Papariello - Bar Manager at The Franklin Hotel London

The American Bar of Savoy Hotel is iconic in cocktails history and has played host to legendary bartenders.

Artesian because they put attention to every detail of the cocktails, this is one of the reasons why was the best bar in the world for four consecutive years

Oriole because every drink is an experience.

Francesco Colucci

Francesco Colucci

Image: Francesco Colucci, Head Bartender at Ginger Lily Pan Pacific London

Connaught Bar because they show to be on top of the industry standards, always giving their guest an unforgettable experience

Tayer-Elementary because Monica and Alex created a new era of bartending and mixology. This is the bar where bartenders love to go.


Dandelyan because you could find a friend in every bartender working there, really friendly staff and incredible mixology improved by Alex Lawrence.

Gabor David Molnar

Gabor David Molnar

Gabor David Molnar, Bar Manager at THE PIG Hotel

Savoy for the history and classic cocktails

The Pig on the beach - spending my every day there 

3rd is always the bar where I am at the moment, because if there were a better bar then I would be there.

Kyle Elwis

Kyle Elwis

Kyle Elwis, Bar Manager at Copa Bar

Vice and Co, Lincoln- Will always hold a special place in my heart as the venue that gave me my current career path. 

Strait and Narrow, Lincoln- Possibly a little biased because I used to work there, but I've always admired the creativity of the team, not only in their drinks but how they create unique experiences for their guests. 

Murder Inc, Soho- I always try to visit whenever I go down to London. This is a bar that makes the absolute best use of its small space. Crowded or quiet, the vibes are always electric and often there's some fun and exciting stuff happening.

Michele Becatti

Michele Becatti

Michele Becatti, Bar Manager in Ginza Restaurant St. James

Mr Fogg's, for the amazing cocktails and atmosphere.

Novikov is my family and I always feel at home there.

Gibson for the craziest cocktails in the world.

Agostino Schiavo 

Agostino Schiavo

Agostino Schiavo, Bar Manager at Lucas Restaurants

I admire a lot: 

Camparino in Milano, 

Donovan bar in London,

Connaught bar in London 

Those 3 bars have amazing people working there and for me, they make it special for the way they treat their guests. 

Fabrizio Cino

Fabrizio Cino

Fabrizio Cino, Assistant Bar Manager at EDITION

Scarfes - for the atmosphere and the creativity with their menus. 

Disrepute - because despite being a small underground bar the atmosphere is always great and those guys sling drinks like crazy. 

Bar Termini - for how slick their glassware looks.

Osvaldo Romito

Osvaldo Romito

Osvaldo Romito, Assistant Bar Manager at Morton's Club (MARC Ltd)

The Prince Akatoki London - attention to the details, 

The Cocktail Trading Co. Brick Lane - cosy and innovative cocktails, 

A Bar with Shapes for a Name - complexity behind simplicity 

Marco Meloni

Marco Meloni

Marco Meloni, Bartender at The NoMad Hotel, London

Bar Termini, I love the way they re-invented the aperitivo trend with this small Negroni serving, and the food…it’s just wow. They also do a delicious espresso. Warmest hospitality ever and impeccable service, definitely my favourite bar.

Satan's whiskers, is the best place for classic cocktails but also delicious bar snacks! Great vibe! 

Tayer+Elementary is my last pick. Not a place where I go every day, but I love their creativity and also the style of the bar. And I’m also in love with their prawn croquettes, insanely delicious.

Celso Amor Castillo

Celso Amor Castillo

Celso Amor Castillo, Assistant Bar Manager at Tigerlily

Paradiso: The work they have done in recent years has been incredible

They have done an unbelievable job in recent years.

Mariposa negra: Owned and run by Luca Corradini. It is expected to be one of the new temples of contemporary cocktails.

Connaught Bar: They are simply the best.

Written by Puja Behera, Beverage Trade Network



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